La Mère Germaine Restaurant : specialities of fish and seafood at Villefranche sur mer

Since 1936
Specialities of fish and seafood



La Rue Obscure

Rue Obscure is the oldest street in Villefranche, built on virgin land in the 13th century. The town was built up the slope in tiers, starting from here. The street's fortified gate and ramparts on the sea protected its storehouses and reserves as well as the people seeking refuge in town from outside attack.

Here, too, ships' captains, when forced by a gale to anchor in the Bay, could undertake the necessary repairs without fear of aggression. The cellars in Rue Obscure stored such precious merchandise as wine.

In these cellars where the production of the first vintners were aged, you are invited to discover a range of wines from France's different regions.


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