La Mère Germaine Restaurant : specialities of fish and seafood at Villefranche sur mer

Since 1936
Specialities of fish and seafood




Choice of pastries

Pineapple and vanilla from Madagascar, shortbread, ylang-ylang sorbet

Bahibé pure Dominican Republic origin chocolate biscuit & mousse, creamy salted fudge


Hot desserts

Flaming apple pie with Calvados, cinnamon ice cream

Flaming crepes with Grand Marnier, vanilla ice cream

Mellow Guayaquil 64% chocolate cake, yoghurt ice cream

Hot souffle flavoured with Grand Marnier

Hot "Equatoriale 55%) chocolate souffle

Hot lime souffle

All our chocolate desserts are made with Valrhona products


Iced desserts

Ice creams and sorbets

Coupe Coraline: Vanilla & hazelnut ice cream, caramel sauce, whipped cream

Coupe Colonel: Lemon sorbet with vodka

Coupe Kahlua: Praline ice cream, Kahlua whipped cream, meringue

Our coffee selection:

Colombie Supremo (Fair Trade)

Bresil Sul de Minas (Fair Trade)

Deca Aqua Bio



The Restaurant is Opened every day
Quai Courbet - 06230 Villefranche sur Mer
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