La Mère Germaine Restaurant : specialities of fish and seafood at Villefranche sur mer

Since 1936
Specialities of fish and seafood



"La carte"

Entrées froides

Sea variation : marinated small gamas with lime and coconut, half cooked tuna, smoked salmon

Tuna prepared according to your taste

Vegetarian salad with organic quinoa, raw and cooked vegetables

Lobster carpaccio, rocket salad with lemon dressing

Scottish smoked salmon, lemon scented whipped cream

Entrées chaudes

Homemade rock fish soup

Small fried fish, vegetables, gambas and fried onions

Warm lobster salad with citrus fruit, balsamic vinaigrette



Produits de la Mer

Prawns curry and pilaw rice

Roasted gambas, risotto like a paella,Iberian chorizo crisps, basil pesto

Panseared seabass with fresh thyme, baked potatoe

Pan fried sole with meunière butter or with almonds, boiled potatoes

Sole "Tante Marie"stuffed with mushrooms gratinated with hollandaise sauce


Spécialités :

Tasting Bouillabaisse

Belle bouillabaisse: Traditional Mediterranean bouillabaisse (minimum 2 persons)

Roasted shelled baby lobster, quinoa with candied citrus

Seabass for two people

Surf and Turf, Bavarian beef fillet and half lobster


Viandes garnies :

Lamb saddle cooked at low temperature, mashed Jerusalem artichoke, vegetables, reduced juice

Pan fried lamb chops, seasonal vegetables, caramelized shallots, thyme tempura and

Roasted Bavarian tenderloin with garlic chips, choice of vegetables

Roasted sliced veal with Saté, stir-fried rice with vegetables


The Restaurant is Opened every day
Quai Courbet - 06230 Villefranche sur Mer
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